Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Books for Kids

We have a tradition of pulling out our favorite books for each holiday and putting them in a special basket for that month.  They're all together and easy to find when we want to read.  So, curl up in a blanket, sit by my side, as we read a spooky Halloween book- don't try to hide!

My kid's all time favorite Halloween book is Ten Timid Ghosts.  A witch wants to move into the ghost's mansion.  Will she scare them away?  Or is there one little ghost that finds her tricks? Countdown and look for the ghosts and her tricks on each page.

Another favorite is Stellaluna. Here you find a little bat that is raised as a bird.  Watch her find out who she really is and even if we have differences, we can still be friends.  Great bat facts in the back of the book.

Finally, Angelina's Halloween.  My kids loved the Angelina books.  In this one, it is Halloween night, getting costumes ready and trick-or-treating.  Will the little mice go to the "haunted" house?  Who and where is the little ghost?  Find out as you read.  I love the cute illustrations in these books too.

Carrie's picks:  Go Away, Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley.  Your kids will be delighted as they watch the Big Green Monster appear with each page turn. Each page turn adds eyes, ears, nose, etc. to the monster's face. But, don't be too scared. The monster will then disappear slowly with each page turn. Soon nothing will be left of him and your kids will triumph by scaring him away!

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams   (This book is also on Kristin's list)   My mom introduced this book to our family years ago and it has been a classic ever since.  You almost sing the words as a rhythm naturally comes out. Your kids will have fun dancing along: "Two shoes go CLOMP, CLOMP. (stomp your feet) One pair of pants go WIGGLE, WIGGLE. (shake your legs)"  

Kristin's favorites:  Goodnight Goon, a charming parody of the children's classic book "Goodnight Moon".  Written in the same poetic form, your family will enjoy saying goodnight to "monsters everywhere".

The Ugly Pumpkin:  Another take off of a children's classic book -"The Ugly Duckling".  Follow a pumpkin trying to find his place amongst the patch.  He finds those not so welcoming, but in the end he finds where he belongs.

Five Little Pumpkins:  A sweet and simple book that is great for young children or those just learning to read.  Kids can get involved as they read about five little pumpkins.  

Say Boo:  Meet a Ben, a young ghost trying to find his voice.  He hasn't scared anyone yet and it is almost Halloween!  Can he find out how to say Boo in time?

Have fun reading!

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