Spooky Hallooween Wreath


Here's a simple wreath to add some classy and spooky Halloween vibes 
to your home this year.
Supplies you'll need:
grapevine wreath
black spray paint
spooky looking florals
1/8-1/4 yard of black fabric
wire cutters

Find a grapevine wreath in a size you like.
The more wild the twigs, the better.
Spray paint it black. 

I was on the hunt for Chinese Lantern florals in orange.
At the time, I wasn't really finding anything that was still in stock.
Ordered some in white, but a few days later, it was cancelled-out of stock.

Then, I came across these great looking orange pods at Hobby Lobby.
 Love these, kind of spooky looking!

I bought the last 5 sprays!
They had long stems, so cut off most of it, leaving about 5"
on 3 of the sprays.

Tuck those in the wreath,
evenly spacing them.
Wrap some of the longer twigs of the spray into the wreath
for extra hold.

With the last 2 sprays,
I cut off parts of the twigs,
to stick in the wreath where it was needed to fill in.

Then add a bow.
 Get that piece of fabric you bought and fold open.

Clip a half inch on each side and rip.
Gives your edges that ripped, creepy look.

Perfect for a Halloween "ribbon"

If you want your tie to be longer, 
get 1/4 yard -fold, it out 
and cut in half length wise (fray the edges of both pieces).
Then sew your two long strips together. 
(I kept mine at 1/8 yard so no sewing ;0 )

I love how this turned out!

Just deciding where to put it.
Maybe on the wall by our entry table. 

Happy Halloween! 


  1. I absolutely love your wreath! You did a great job -- and the orange pod thingies look wonderful! Smiles, Linda at Paper Seedlings


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