Friday, December 18, 2020

Pop Tart Gingerbread House with Printable Supply Bag Tag

 Making gingerbread houses is always on my list 

of holiday fun activities. 

Make it easy by just using Pop Tarts for your house!
We wanted to do a fun Zoom activity with the girls in our church youth group and knew we'd have to drop off kits for all the girls to participate.
We didn't have a ton of time to bake gingerbread or have the funds to buy kits from the store.
Then we found Brandy's Pop Tart house and knew this would be a win!

You'll need:
6 Pop Tarts
Royal Icing frosting 
various candies
cardboard squares/foil
a bag for supplies & our printable tag/ribbon

We only have 30 minutes on Zoom, 
necessitating having part of the house pre-assembled with solid icing
so the girls could then add the roof and candy in our allotted time.
Prep your pieces by:

Turning one Pop Tart horizonal and one vertical next to it.
Use the horizontal tart top edge to mark the point where it meets the side of the vertical tart to know where to start your cut for the peak and cut up.
 (check out the photos to know what I'm talkin' about) ;)
Then lay this peaked tart on top of another to mark where to cut a matching pointed peaked tart.

Now you've got two peaked sides of your house.
For the next 2 walls, 

lay a tart vertically next to your peaked tart and cut across at the point where the bottom of the peak hits the side of your vertical tart. 
Cut 2. 

You've got all your house pieces:
2 pointed peaked cut pieces
2 horizontal side cut pieces
and 2 full size for the roof

We wrapped 8x10 cut pieces of cardboard with foil to use as a house base. You want something sturdy.

Use your frosting on the bottom and sides of your pieces to connect the walls and anchor the house to the board. 
You might have to hold them in place for a few minutes to give the frosting a chance to harden a bit and stay together. 
Let your house harden for at least 15 minutes before adding the roof.
My friend Lisa has been making gingerbread houses for years.
She goes all out! And has the best icing that holds everything together!
You can find it {here}

Next, assemble your supply bags with candy.

This is where you can have some fun.
We gave each girl some little zip-locks with different candy to start them out 
and encouraged them to look around their house for other things they could add to their house to make it unique. 
Some ideas are: cereal, pretzels, coconut, spices, etc.

Put all your candy supplies along with the remaining 2 Pop Tart pieces for the roof and a pastry bag (this is our favorite disposable piping bag {here} filled with frosting in a cute tote bag.
(for the piping bag: scoop the frosting in and put a twist tie on the end. You'll let them cut the tip when ready to pipe the frosting)

For the supply bag, we couldn't resist adding a fun tag with some tulle. 

Print your tags {here}

I printed on a paper with some sparkly dots
to add extra "magic"
Then we dropped the supply bag with partial house to each girl.

At the start of the activity we added the roof.
Pipe icing on the top edges of walls, add your whole tarts and put a line of icing down the middle of the roof where your tart pieced touch. 

Now the fun part!
Check out the cute houses the girls put together!

We had a grate time with this activity.
Shared some of our favorite things about Christmas as we decorated. 

We'll be making these easy Pop Tart houses again next year!

Kristin is also an expert gingerbread house maker.
If you want to try your hand at baking the walls and roof in gingerbread,
you can find her recipe and tips {here}

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