Friday, May 12, 2017

Adventure Awaits! Graduation Centerpiece & Favors

It's that time again,
when we celebrate our grads!
I was so excited last year to use this
theme for seminary graduation.

These ideas can be applied to any dinner party
or at home celebration too!
I was asked to create the d├ęcor
for our church senior and family dinner that's held before the seminary graduation event.
The fact that our grads are heading out to new adventures
and will be traveling far and wide,
was the inspiration.
I needed an inexpensive container for the center pieces.
Just take an empty extra large tin can.
I used some cool map scrap book paper and cut it to fit around the can. 
It's not quite long enough to go all the way around, so you'll have to use 1 and 1/2 strips of your paper.
Take the shorter strip and attach to the can with some hot glue.

Wrap it around and put another dot of glue to hold in place.
Take some Elmer's and glue up the larger piece.

Overlap a couple of inches over the first piece of scrapbook paper
and wrap around.
This is what really holds the papers in place.

These turned out so cute!
Great containers to use for other projects or storage
after the party too!

I picked up some Styrofoam squares at the dollar store to take up space in the bucket.
These can also be recycled for other projects later.

Added a little tissue paper to fill in the can
and put crinkle paper filler on the top.
(also found at the dollar store-love that place!
One pack was used for two cans)

Next up, all the fun fillers.

Using my Silhouette, I cut out the 2016 in silver card stock.
Hot glue a skewer to the back for all your picks.

Did the same with the airplane and banner.
I've got the template for you right {here}!
so you can just hand cut out the plane and banner ;)

This quote about your life's journey and the maps you follow can be found taken from this talk {here}

I really wanted a globe to be a part of the center piece in some way.
I found {these} inflatable globes-- perfect and  light weight to hold up on a balloon stick
Inflate, glue on the top cup with a strong, clear all purpose glue like E6000.
Add the stick after it dries.
Trim the stick down to fit the right height in the can.

Here is the finished product at different angles.

So in love with how these turned out!
I had an old road atlas and tore out a page to go under the can.

For place setting favors,
I used another quote from that journey talk
and attached it to some little zip close bags filled with candies found at a local party store.
Even chocolate balls that look like globes!

Use different colors of blue for the table cloths.

Had our missionary map on display.
Since it fit so well with our theme.
We post class members past and those soon to leave on their own journey and adventure
as they serve a mission in various parts of the world.

What a great time in life!
As students head out for college, missions and awesome life adventures!

Congrats graduates!
You can find another graduation dinner party idea {here}


  1. That is a great idea, because the party season is definitely getting ready to take off. Tons of backyard BBQ's and grad parties. Thanks for sharing this at the Dishing It & Digging It Link Party Kristin, Carrie and Heidi....hope you have a great week!

  2. This is such a fantastic graduation theme! Your centerpieces turned out beautifully. Thanks for sharing your tutorial with us at Merry Monday this week!

    1. Thanks Marie! I love how they turned out too and especially love the use of maps.

  3. Replies
    1. No. 10 cans. You can make it work though with any sized large can.

  4. Loving these centerpieces. Congratulations to the seminary graduates. These must have been a great addition to the celebration. Pinned to my graduation board. Shared with my FB family.


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