Friday, May 29, 2015

Penny Carnival

A Penny Carnival is a great way to celebrate the first day of Summer (June 21), end of school, or just a fun activity to do during those long summer days!  Here's how it works:  Invite your friends to come and to bring their pennies (or other change too), find a charity you would like the pennies to go to such as a the Humane Society or animal shelter or food bank, plan some fun games to do with the pennies, and of course, have some sweet treats that cost.... a penny!  This is a great activity to involve the whole family and to do some service for a needed organization.  It also so much fun to plan the games and treats and to have all the members of the family run the booths!  Prizes for the games can be as simple as fun stickers or play money that the kids can use to buy treats.  Some ideas for games:

Penny Pitch- Set up some mason jars,paint the rims of the cups different colors, give your friends a chance to toss a penny into a cup, the color tells them what they have won!

Penny Drop:  Fill up an old aquarium with water with a glass (glued previously) inside. Try to drop your penny in the glass.  

Penny Flip:  Try to flip a penny Tiddly Winks style into a cup. If you flip in three you get a prize!

Penny Toss:  Set up a fun sign of a clown, animal, etc with a hole where the mouth is.  Try to toss your penny into the hole!

Magic Show:  Have a simple magic show and charge a penny for admission!

Treats can be sold for a penny or used as prizes for the games.  Some ideas include our recipe for flavored popcorn  as well as cookies, juice boxes, or chex mix.   Have fun this summer!! 

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