Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy New Year Banner

Make this fun banner for the New Year.
You'll need:
3 pieces of scrapbook paper
3 pieces of card stock (I used glitter)
1 package of double fold bias tape
 (in the sewing section, very important to buy double fold)
sewing machine
Elmers glue

Cut your scrapbook paper to 8 1/2"x11 so it will fit in your printer.  
(just print pages 1-3 on your scrapbook paper first, then print page 4 on regular paper- this is your pattern for cutting the card stock) 

Print off the banner here:
New Year 15

Cut out your card stock pattern.  
Trace it on the back of your card stock. 
 You should be able to fit 4 on a 12x12 piece.  
Cut these out along with cutting the letter pieces.

Center your scrapbook letter piece on top of a card stock piece and trim off a little of the scrapbook paper at the top to match the card stock and trim a little of the card stock at the "v" point as shown in these pictures below.


 With Elmers, glue your scrapbook paper to card stock.  
Stack all your banner flag pieces in order. Measure 8" in on your bias tape and insert the "H" flag.

   Sew down the middle of the bias tape, Inserting each flag 1/4" from the last piece.
 I gave a 1/2" space after the words happy and new.   
After your last letter flag, the "R", measure 8" on the bias tape and cut. 
 Your done! Happy New Year!

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  1. I'm loving this banner. Especially the thought of using up some of my paper.


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