Monday, November 2, 2020

Paint By Number Project


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When I was a kid,
we'd walk down to the local "5 and Dime" store
to buy a treat, get scrapbooks, stamps for our stamp collection 
 or "cool" supplies to create things. 
I'd often pick up inexpensive, small 5x7 paint by numbers.
These were so fun to paint up.
I felt like a real artist!
Then I'd put on an art show with the finished works. 
And make my family come to visit my gallery
and purchase a painting for a quarter. 
Well, in the past few years, 
paint by numbers has made a come back!
Especially with quarantine and some extra time on our hands, 
this is the perfect way to stay creative and de-stress! 

What I especially love now is that
paint by numbers companies offer the option to
create a custom paint by number from one of your own photos!
You simply upload the photo and your numbered canvas is created!
This makes it so personal
and a unique way to capture your photo memory. 
Plus, it makes it more fun painting an image you already love!
That's exactly what we did.
I picked up my by Paint by Numbers kit from Winnie's Picks

Of course we just had to upload a photo of our
angel of a dog...Sunnie.
The kit came with all the paint and brushes we'd need.

This can be a group project too.
A few of us contributed our painting skills here.
And really you don't need any skills,
just follow the numbers. 
A few numbered shapes were really small to read, 
but the kit came with a paper print out with all the numbers too that helped.
Don't worry, you can't go wrong,
even if you guess at a color ;)

This pooch turned out great!

What do you think?

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